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5G empowers smart airport construction, CITIC Telecom Mobile helps airport digital development

时间:2023-11-24 来源:C114

On 21 November, at the "Parallel Conference on 5G+ Telematics and Intelligent Transportation Innovation and Development" held concurrently with the 2023 China 5G+ Industrial Internet Conference, Zheng Xiaolong, Director of Airport Business of CITIC Telecom Mobile Technology Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as CITIC Telecom Mobile), a subsidiary of China CITIC Telecom Group, delivered a keynote speech on "5G Enables Intelligent Airport Construction". Airport Construction". In the face of the challenges facing the intelligent construction of civil aviation airports, Zheng shared the exploration and practice of CITIC Telecom Mobile in the digital transformation of airports.

Zheng pointed out that wireless communication is the original technical demand of civil aviation airports in the process of construction and operation. Traditional trunked communications and 4G networks have gradually failed to meet the rapidly growing transmission needs of airports in terms of wireless transmission bandwidth, latency, and reliability in video processing, vehicle driving and monitoring, production data collection, analysis, and decision-making. The Civil Aviation AeroMacs standard is a wireless communication standard for civil aviation, and under the unified coordination of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), an attempt is being made to iteratively update and establish a set of technical standards for 5G private networks. The construction of wireless low-altitude broadband network is also shifting from 4G ground station to skyward coverage to wireless downward coverage or 5G network signal to skyward coverage. 5G technology will have a broad application space in the new construction and expansion projects of civil aviation airports, in terms of the whole process of BIM construction, the foundation guarantee of intelligent construction site, the production and operation of civil aviation airports, and the enhancement of the service capacity of passenger-oriented and logistics-oriented services.

On the basis of in-depth research on the needs of airport customers, CITIC Telecom Mobile, relying on its leading advantages in the field of private network technology and products, and combining the typical application scenarios of smart airport construction, has launched a competitive smart airport solution to help the construction of smart airports. The overall solution consists of terminal perception layer, infrastructure, digital platform, intelligent application and display layer. Terminal sensing layer is "human, vehicle, and machine" full sensing connection; network transmission layer is "4G+5G+WiFi+LTE private network+digital network (security network, departure network, production network, integration network)" to achieve efficient and reliable transmission; application layer is oriented to airport safety, production, and operation to achieve full business integration; application layer is oriented to airport security, production, and operation to achieve full business integration. The application layer is geared towards airport security, production and operation to achieve full-service integration, high efficiency and intelligent application.

Zheng Xiaolong stressed that CITIC Telecom Mobile has been deeply engaged in the construction of airport private network for more than 10 years, and the smart airport solution has successfully provided high-quality private network communication protection for many hub and trunk airports such as Wuhan, Hohhot, Nanchang, Lhasa, etc., as well as more than 10 feeder airports such as Hailaer in Hulunbeier, Luguhu Lake, Tingri, etc., and it can realise diverse business applications such as broadband trunking communication, high-efficiency command and dispatching, high-precision positioning, node protection of flights and wireless transmission of meteorological data. It can achieve broadband trunking communication, efficient command and dispatching, high-precision positioning, flight node protection, meteorological data wireless backhaul and other diversified business applications, which can significantly enhance the information construction and safety management capability of the airport.

In the future, CITIC Telecom Mobile will focus on the characteristics of 5G technology, work with industry customers to study the convergence of 5G+industry business technology and implementation plan, promote the practice of smart airport construction, and help the digital development of civil aviation airport construction.