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CBN has Created Over 100 Benchmark Projects in the Field of 5G+ Industrial Internet

时间:2023-12-01 来源:C114

The 2023 China 5G+ Industrial Internet Conference recently opened in Wuhan. During the parallel session on "Empowering Future Industrial Innovation with 5G+ Industrial Internet," Song Qizhu, the Chairman of CBN, stated that CBN's commercial use of 5G has reached its one-year milestone. The fixed voice business network, Internet backbone network, and integrated content broadcasting and control platform have been launched, enabling CBN to comprehensively enter the main battlefield of DICT (Digital, Information, Communication, and Technology) and officially step into the era of fully integrated business operations.

Song Qizhu emphasized that China's Industrial Internet has grown from nonexistence to a significant scale, integrating into 45 major sectors of the national economy with an industry scale exceeding 1.2 trillion yuan. As a fundamental telecommunications operator, CBN actively implements the national work deployment, continuously strengthens the foundation of the Industrial Internet, and focuses on ten major industries including smart power, mining, and industrial manufacturing. CBN has accelerated the application of 5G+ Industrial Internet and has already developed over 100 demonstration benchmark projects nationwide, exploring solutions such as 5G+ smart factories, industrial data modeling, and industrial product 3D interactive analysis platforms.

Meanwhile, CBN has established an Industrial Internet security situational awareness platform, which integrates with the national Industrial Internet security situational awareness and risk warning platform, as well as city-level platforms in Beijing, Wuhan, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and other cities. This platform enables resource sharing and coordinated linkage, providing comprehensive analysis capabilities for industrial network security threats.

Song Qizhu stated that in the future, CBN will continue to promote platform operation and provide reliable, trustworthy, and intelligent security protection levels for modern industry, manufacturing, IT networks, industrial automation, and control networks.